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About Network Wellness Center

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Our Mission

Our mission is to serve people by providing natural solutions for pain, discomfort, and other conditions, helping them achieve optimal health. Taking patients just like you from hopeless and discouraged to enjoying their best life ever is why we’re in business.

The team at Network Wellness Center is committed to finding the origin of the problem and gently correcting it, to empower every member of your family to experience their full potential and meet and surpass their health goals. Live life more abundantly!

Our Approach to Care

Dr. Bruce uses NetworkSpinal™ (Network Care), a very different approach than traditional manual manipulation methods. We provide a unique healing and wellness perspective that’s gentle and provides great outcomes.

Unlike care that just relieves a symptom, Network Care results in what is known as “wellness behavior” or an increased “sense of well-being.” Wellness behavior is the ability to make healthier choices, have more life enjoyment, and adapt to stress better.

Lifestyle, environmental factors, or habits may negatively affect the body over a lifetime. Network Care helps people change these destructive patterns by making healthier choices, having an increased sense of well-being, and making dramatic life changes to better support their healing.

Network Care helps your body heal and be made whole; you can feel the healing start when you walk in the door!

Start Today

Start your journey to better health and wellness today. Contact our office to make an appointment.

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