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Nutrition Testing at Network Wellness Center

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When people are referred to the practice because of illness, in most cases, the symptoms stem from an imbalance in the gut microbiome. That’s the starting point for our nutrition work, using Applied Kinesiology (AK) testing to discover how your nervous system is working with the chemical, emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of life.

Many of our Network Wellness Center members under Network Care decide to add nutrition testing too, once they learn of the benefits it may provide. We help them address their symptoms, so they can live a more abundant life.

AK Testing

AK is a technique used by chiropractors to evaluate the functioning of the body’s muscles, nervous system, and other systems. It involves manual muscle testing and the use of specific reflex points to identify imbalances or weaknesses in the body. Using this testing for nutrition work typically starts with testing for food allergies and sensitivities.

The analysis protocol Dr. Bruce uses involves exposing the person to a small amount of a suspected allergen, i.e. microbes, food toxins and foods, heavy metals, pesticides and other chemicals, blood coagulants, hormones, and more individually, and then testing a specific muscle to see if it weakens in response.

Knowing which foods are best avoided supports a healthy microbiome and keeps chronic inflammation at bay.

AK also evaluates nutrient deficiencies with muscle testing. Specific weak muscle response may indicate a need for supplementation. Once he’s aware of the sensitivities, Dr. Bruce uses a group of botanicals, many of which are anti-microbial, from Supreme Nutrition Products. He also works with Thorne Research Labs for nutritionals and other items, and Nordic Naturals for EPA and DHA products.
AK can be a valuable technique for chiropractors to use in their nutrition work. By testing for food allergies and sensitivities, evaluating nutrient deficiencies, and identifying the best diet for an individual patient, chiropractors can help their patients achieve optimal health and wellness.

Get Tested

Issues in the gut microbiome may affect other functions in your body. AK testing may provide the answers you need.

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