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Chiropractic Care

Back adjustment

Dr. Bruce simplifies the body’s workings into two states – one where you’re relaxed and restoring (governed by your parasympathetic nervous system), and another where you’re active or defensive (controlled by your sympathetic nervous system).
Understanding these states is crucial in managing pain. With this knowledge, we can tailor treatments to help your body switch from a state of stress to one of relaxation and healing, easing your discomfort and enhancing your well-being.

How It Works

The nervous system controls everything that happens in our bodies by interfacing with our environment to allow us to function at an optimal level. There are three steps in this process:

  1. Data collection—through constant interaction with our surroundings, we absorb a mix of chemical, mental, emotional, and physical elements, both inside and outside our bodies
  2. Identification & Connection—when the influx of data becomes overwhelming, our nervous system enters a defensive state, storing the excess as tension in our tissues. Dr. Bruce’s role is to identify those areas, to reconnect the body and mind to this unused energy.
  3. Reintegration & Healing—once identified, Dr. Bruce assists with linking the nervous system and brain to those disconnected parts, reintegrating the energy and information to bring relief, breath, and connection to your body and mind. This allows your body to return to a relaxed state, promoting optimal health and well-being.


Lower back adjustment


NetworkSpinal is a gentle, low-force approach to spinal care with unique outcomes and clinical results, used by thousands of practitioners around the world.

We focus on vertebral subluxation, and help with self-regulation of spinal tension and subluxation patterns by providing gentle force applications at the spine to enhance spinal and nervous system integrity.
NetworkSpinal focuses on the self-healing ability of the body and mind. It teaches how to connect with your own natural healing energy, helping the body-mind connection release blockages caused by stressors. It helps what you already have to work better.

Dr. Bruce may use additional methods to provide the best results, including
neurological testing using Applied Kinesiology (AK) techniques, myotome (muscle) testing, and cranial work, concentrating on the vagus nerve.

Benefits for All

NetworkSpinal is a gentle method of care, suitable for all ages, children to seniors, and pregnant women too! Members who partner with us to do the work have seen improvements in areas like:

  • Chronic pain
  • Headaches
  • Allergies
  • Asthma
  • Sports performance
  • Tension
  • Anxiety
  • Posture
  • And more

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